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TCL 5 series 50 in Roku TV and Polk Sound Bar -- Volume increments discrepancy

Hello, I recently purchased a TCL 5 series 50-inch Roku TV (QLED model) and a Polk Signa S3 Sound Bar for better sound (TV speakers are not great). I noticed that when I adjust the volume of the soundbar the volume increments change by 3-4 units, rather than 1 unit when I use the TV speakers. This occurs when I use the Roku TV remote or the soundbar remote. I connect the soundbar using HDMI ARC for full integration. This also occurred using a JBL soundbar that I have since returned (sound wasn't as good). The 3-unit volume increments seem too large and I wish I could only adjust by 1 unit. I believe the issue is that 1 unit on the sound bar equals 3 units using the TV counter based on the fact that when I had the JBL soundbar, the volume indicator on that soundbar changed by 1 while the TV volume indicator changed by 3. Curious to know if this is just a known issue with soundbars or if there are other solutions. I also reached out to Polk Audio but haven't heard anything yet either.


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