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Level 7

Sound keeps disappearing

I've got two roku tvs. Recently both have been losing sound including streaming playback and menu sounds. They are normally on fast start. If I perform a system reset and reboot then sound comes back. Normally I'd consider it a one off problem but it's been happening more frequently, at least once every couple of days and on both devices. Has there been a recent update that might be causing this? I have no enhanced remotes and I rarely use private listening on a phone (not for at least 2 or 3 months). One is setup to switch to HDMI audio out to an HDMI to RCA converter into a stereo. Turning on the stereo and the HDMI ARC also doesn't work when the sound goes out. Only a reset fixes it.

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Re: Sound keeps disappearing

Mine too, it is so annoying.  Mostly when I switch channels.  Also I will be watching and the picture is suddenly too big for the TV.  Losing sound usually follows that.

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Level 8

Re: Sound keeps disappearing

I just posted a similiar situation.  We have lost sound on both of the TV's that area connected to roku.  The big set we thought was the surround sound system.  Bought new receiver and sub woofer but not yet set up.  The set we have been watching since just lost sound tonight when we switched from Hulu to netflix.

I have not been able to get any sound except when I play with the TV settings for how voice should sound, etc.

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