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Something is wrong with my ROKU

Purchased this device last year to watch MLB.  Worked great last year and also the first game this year then it began to kick me off  I actually sat with pen and paper and kept track.  In the 9 inning game that lasted 2 hr 58 min I was kicked off the feed 39 times.  This means that I had to reenter the game 4.33 times per inning and I got kicked off every 4.5 minutes.  This is completely unacceptable.  I am missing half of the game.  I does not matter whether I use the home or away feed the problem is the same.  I have been consulting with MLB tech support and we uninstalled and reinstalled the app.  I have the latest versions of both the MLB app and ROKU installed as far as I know.  I was still thinking this was an MLB problem until I went to open up the ROKU troubleshooting videos and found that the same problem happened.  This tells me that the issue is with the Roku and not the MLB app.  Again, I want to reiterate that this Roku unit and this TV are the same as I used all last year and it also worked fine the first game of this season.   This problem just started on 7/25/2020.

Model 3810X-Roku Streaming Stick

Software version 9.3.0  build 4172-50


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Re: Something is wrong with my ROKU

Still me - some additional info

Serial # YHOOF1785690

Using this with LG 755J8570 - But this is the same TV/Roku that worked on 7/24/2020

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