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Software update - Roku Ultra will not power up

Since the new software update a few days ago, my Roku Ultra will not power up using the Roku remote control. So every time I want to watch TV I I have to unplug my Roku box and then plug it back in to get it to power up. Is there a fix for this?

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Roku Employee

Re: Software update - Roku Ultra will not power up

Hey @indiefan03

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Try setting up again your Roku remote for TV controls by following the steps available in this Support link: How do I set up my Roku® voice remote to control my TV?

Keep us posted if that does the trick. 

All the best,

Kariza D.
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Re: Software update - Roku Ultra will not power up

Hi there,

I am having seemingly the same problem:

this just started recently, but not sure exactly when, so I can’t say if it was update related.

If the Roku device and my TV are OFF:

- I click the power button on the Roku remote and the TV powers up but the Roku device does NOT

- I unplug and replug in the Roku device POWER cord then the Roku device powers up and I am ok

- in this state if I hit the power button on the Roku device the TV will turn off but the Roku device will NOT, I.e. the light is still on on the device

I have checked and re-plugged in all connections, power and HDMI on the Roku device.

I have replaced the remote control batteries.

I have re-set up the remote and device paring

I have checked for any ‘updates’ - none

Once turned on ALL other functions work from the remote control, the POWER on/off is the ONLY function that does not work

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Re: Software update - Roku Ultra will not power up

Roku 10.5, currently rolling out, has added a new Power item in the Settings > System menu for some recent Roku models. In my estimation it is not well thought out.  If you have this Power item, under "Auto power savings" see if deactivating "After 20 minutes of no interaction" fixes the problem.

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Re: Software update - Roku Ultra will not power up


thanks for the tip.

I DO have that option and the ‘20 minute power off’ box WAS checked.

I have un-checked it and expect all to be ok now… sine my problem only existed when the Roku device was off (turned off by this setting).

thanks, I will let this thread know if this does NOT work.

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Re: Software update - Roku Ultra will not power up

For what it's worth, with the "20 minute" setting enabled you should be able to wake your Roku with any button on the remote other than the TV controls (power, volume, mute).  Just pressing the power button to turn on the TV doesn't affect the Roku.

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