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Skipping episode intros removes surround sound

I have a TCL series 6 Roku TV (model 65R625).  It sends audio to my home theater receiver via the audio return channel over HDMI.  I have the ARC setting on the TV set to pass through all audio to my receiver untouched, which works great.  However, any time I fast forward or rewind while watching anything on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, or if I use the "skip intro" feature most episodic programs have, the audio reverts to 2.0 channel stereo.  Pausing is fine and doesn't cause any issues, but FF, rewind, and skip intro all remove surround sound.  The only way to get 5.1 channel audio back is to go out to the Netflix or Amazon menu and relaunch the video.  Any ideas what might be going on here?  I'm thinking it's a Roku or TCL issue since it happens with both Netflix and Amazon.

Level 7

Re: Skipping episode intros removes surround sound

I have the exact same issue with the TCL 6 Roku.  I've seen it on multiple apps, so it's not the app.

Level 7

Re: Skipping episode intros removes surround sound

Same here. For some reason I thought it was a feature to raise the volume for replays but I have been going crazy to find any options of the sort.  Going back to the apps menu doesn't work for me and I just go back to roku home screen and relaunch.  Pain in the ass...

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