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Roku Stick Pixelated at times


Sorry if this is a repeat question, but my Roku Stick (3600x) seems to get pixelated when there is a lot of "noise" or stuff going on the channel.  For example on the WWE network during entrances there are a lot of lights and fireworks and it gets very blurry and pixelated.  I'm trying to determine if the root cause is that I have a lower end model or if its just natural due to all the noise?  If I upgraded to a more powerful box would that go away because it's pretty annoying to be honest.  Also - I don't have a 4k TV but if I got a 4K box would I still see any difference in picture quality since my TV isn't 4K?

Thank you

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Level 7

Re: Roku Stick Pixelated at times

Mine does the same thing. I thought it might be my TV getting old. But I tried it on my little bedroom TV and the same thing. When I watch it on my tablet the feed is much clearer. My ROKU is just a basic cheapest model. I may have to try it on my son’s high def  TV. 

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