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Roku Premiere Drops Connection Randomly

Here is the issue I am having - I have a Roku premiere. It generally runs fine, but every so often it simply disconnects from my TV for a few seconds. The screen goes blank, then the TV acts like someone has just switched to a new input feed, and goes right back to what I'm watching after dropping the few seconds (as if the Roku itself has not stopped playing). There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it - sometimes it won't happen for a couple hours, sometimes it happens twice in 5 minutes. 


Please help.

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Re: Roku Premiere Drops Connection Randomly

I'm having the same issue for over a month now. I'm watching a show and the screen will go black for 2-5 seconds then come right back on. Its happened on several different apps so it can't be that. What is the fix?

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