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Level 7

Roku Express, Apps shut down after 5-10 minutes of streaming

Hello, my grandmother just bought a roku express as an alternative to TV. My family has an older roku model and havent had issues. Upon setting up her Roku Express apps will only stream for 5-10 minutes before fully shutting down and returning to the home screen, happens on all apps including Youtube, Netflix, Disney+

Ive tried powercycling, directly plugging into wall, updating, cycling software update server/store server, resetting internet connection settings. She even got new faster internet and no solutions.

Model- 3930X

Software - 9.4.0 build 4190-AE

Version- AE9.40E04190A

S/N- X00400HKY9VE

ID- S008309KY9VE

UID/GID- 501/501


Level 7

Re: Roku Express, Apps shut down after 5-10 minutes of streaming

I just bought a brand new Roku tv and I have this same problem.  After watching something the audio stops after 15-20 minutes then the picture freezes then it goes back to the homescreen.  Very frustrating.  How do I fix this problem?