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Roku 4 Blue Screen

Recently, my Roku 4 updated itself to version 9.3.0. Ever since then, it will no longer auto detect resolutions above 480. It says the TV cannot support 720 or 1080, but it is a 1080 TV, and it was working before the update. Now, even if I force it to 720 or 1080, I can see the menus, but if I click on a video to watch, it is just a blue screen, but I can hear the audio. This tells me it is not recognizing the HDCP, but again, it was working on this TV perfectly fine for a long time before this update. When trying to recognize the display type, it says HDCP 1.4 instead of HDCP 2.2. I have tried factory resets and a bunch of other things to no avail. 

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Level 7

Re: Roku 4 Blue Screen

I am having this exact issue. 

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