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Roku 3 repeated reboot and alternatives?

My Roku 3 (with voice assist) is repeatedly rebooting. I checked the SD card and it was corrupt, it reformatted (on a PC) fine, I tried it back in the player, no luck. I removed the SD card and the card is now fine. I tried a physical reset thru the rear pinhole, no luck. I tried a power on reboot with HDMI cable disconnected, no luck. It seems the player has a hard fault, what do you think?

Thanks, Trevor.

P.S. I have an Express HD bought in 2019 and I like it. Have there been improvements to it in the last year?

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Re: Roku 3 repeated reboot and alternatives?

Will the Roku boot properly without the SD card inserted? If so, then just continue without the card. The only thing the card does is increase channel storage memory. It does nothing to improve the performance of the player, other than reducing the need to offload/download seldom used channels. 

If it still won't boot, try the reset one more time. Make sure you hold the button a minimum of 30 seconds, and not one second less. 

If the reset fails, yes it's possible the player has some sort of fault or failure. Even the newest Roku 3 is over 5 years old, and the newer players are much more capable. If you need a wired network connection, the Ultra is your only choice now. If you're fine with WiFi, I recommend either the Stick+ or the Premiere. I've seen too many complaints with the Express and its wireless connection to recommend it. If you want 5 GHz WiFi, the Stick+ is the lowest priced player, with the Ultra as the other choice. 


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Re: Roku 3 repeated reboot and alternatives?

The 30+ second reset did the trick. I had not seen that in any other post regarding repeated reboots. I assume the Roku 3 processor went haywire and wiped out the SD card and other critical settings and that's why it got stuck in an endless reboot. I did not put the SD card back in, so I'll see how I get along. I have another spare Roku 3 (without voice assist) if this happens again but voice assist is nice! 

Thanks and I'm glad I asked, totally surprised, I thought it was toast for sure, I hope this post helps others.

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