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Roku 3 - Audio Not Working on New Videos on External Storage Divces

Hello all

I have a Roku 3 in the living room, a Roku 2 in the bedroom and a Seagate Personal Cloud external storage device. All of sudden, any new video I add to the Seagate will not play audio. Videos previous on the Seagate play fine.

I usually use the Roku Media Player, but installed the Seagate Media Player and had the same issue. I moved the video files to a thumb drive and plugged it ino the USB port on the Roku 3, same issue, no audio.

I then tried the videos on my Roku 2, and they played fine, so obviously the issue is with the Roku 3 and not the Seagate, etc.

This issue has only shown up this week. I added videos on the evening of 7/4/20 and those play fine.

I tried a manual update and none where available. I unplugged the Roku 3 for about ten minutes, that did not work.

The videos are from my phone, and I used the same video converter progam and video coversion format I've used for a couple of years. 

Current software version: 9.3.0


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