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ROKU R43B7120UK can't reach 60hz at 3840×2160


So I've been trying to use the R43B7120UK TV as a monitor with a new alienware PC. It runs fine at 3840×2160, most games play at max settings, running smoothly without any input lag or anything.

However, a few games struggle and there's a LOT of lag when at even middling settings (RDR2, 3K). I checked NVIDIA control panel and the display is set at 3840×2160 30hz by default. When attempting to change this, I only get 29, 25, 23 and 20hz as options. Tried to create custom resolution but I'm getting a windows message that the display isn't capable of these resolutions when going anywhere about 30hz. It's definitely affecting FPS in these games, with some running at 15fps or lower.

I bought a new 2.0 hdmi cable, capable of 4k 60hz and tried a second one I bought for the Xbox One but neither make any difference.

Looking at the specs before I bought the TV, it said capable of running at 4K 3840×2160 60hz buy W says it isn't capable of that. Is this something to do with using it as a monitor for gaming with a fairly decent PC? Because I appreciate the TV wasn't built for that. However, a lot of people simply use their TVs as monitors these days and most support HDR 4k.

Any advice on something I may be doing wrong?



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Re: ROKU R43B7120UK can't reach 60hz at 3840×2160

From the model number this is a Hisense 43" Roku TV for the UK market. Roku supplies the operating system and Roku interface. Each manufacturer supplies the hardware and whatever drivers it requires. This sounds like an issue that should be taken to Hisense.
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