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ROKU + AVR + ARC/CEC = Huge headache

Finally after years of dreaming of a true surround sound set up, and being miserable watching TV with a sound bar, I went ahead and upgraded to a 3.1 set up (separate thread to come regarding all of that). 
The biggest issue I am facing is getting my Roku Stick to work in conjunction with my AVR and TV. 
AVR = Denon x1500h
TV = Samsung un60f6300
Roku = Streaming Stick + 
I am hooking the Roku directly into my AVR in the cable HDMI port, and running an HDMI cable direct out of AVR to my TV into the ARC HDMI input on the tv. 
Here is my issue and to make matters worse or harder for you all to understand...nothing is consistent, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and when it doesn't it can bug out in different ways. But to summarize...
When things go right:
I click power button on my Roku remote..
The TV + AVR all turn on as normal..
The Roku home screen shows up...
If I quickly hit volume right away it will either no work but after 5 seconds start working OR will control my TV volume for about 5 seconds and then switch over to AVR. 
When things go wrong:
I click power button on my Roku remote..
The TV + AVR all turn on as normal..
The Roku home screen shows up...
After a few seconds the screen goes black..
I hit "home" on the Roku and it acts like it's changing HDMI sources and flips back to the Roku screen..
At this point it's a coin toss if the AVR sound will dominate or the TV. 
Another example is sometimes I click power button on my Roku and the AVR fails to turn on at all, reverting back to TV speakers. 
I know there is a simple fix...simply ditch this BS, turn off ARC and use TV volume for normal watching and power up my AVR for movies and music. However I really would like to enjoy my 3.1 set up all the time PLUS I really want to utilize one remote as it's less confusing for my wife and kids. 
Finally, there are way too many settings on my AVR related to this subject and ARC control. I have messed around with a few but none seem to solve my problem. In fact they just seem to complicate what should be a simple process. My guess is that the Roku is powering on before AVR is really up and running and at time things can get glitchy. Also I think the fact that the Roku doesn't really turn off right away and goes into standby can also cause issues (for example more issues when turning on tv first thing in the morning).
I can't be the only one. 
Please share your thoughts...
Level 9

Re: ROKU + AVR + ARC/CEC = Huge headache

You are somewhat mixing CEC and ARC.  CEC is for component control, ARC is for sending sound FROM your television TO your receiver, not FROM your receiver TO your television. Since your Roku stick is plugged into the 'Cable' HDMI input on your Denon receiver, ARC is not in the picture for your control problems.  ARC allows the same HDMI cable plugged into your television to send TV audio from the television's tuner and the television's built-in streaming applications (like Netflix) back to your receiver through that same HDMI cable that sends video and audio from your receiver's HDMI inputs back to the television.  CEC is a prerequisite for ARC to function, but ARC is not a prerequisite for CEC to function.  In your situation, component control should be provided by enabling CEC in your TV (called Anynet by Samsung), enabling CEC in your Denon receiver, and then enabling CEC and System audio control on your Roku stick under Settings, Audio.  Whether ARC is enabled or not in your Roku settings has nothing to do with your Roku stick since the stick is plugged into your receiver- the receiver will always get its audio from your Roku stick, but it might not pass that audio signal through to your television's speakers (depends on the various components' capabilities and settings) .

CEC control for switching components (television, receiver, volume control) on and off is imperfect and may not work for all combinations of components made by different manufacturers.

I never use the television speakers on my two home theater setups; the televisions' audio volumes are set to 0 so that all audio always comes through the connected A/V receivers.

Also, an inexpensive universal remote or learning remote will allow a single remote control to control multiple components, if that is a desired feature, and probably performed in a simpler manner than through sometimes-imperfect CEC control.