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Playback buffering every 2 minutes for certain media types

I am here representing the user community for a sports streaming app on Roku. I'm a non-developer, but would greatly appreciate any guidance the experts here could offer me and perhaps I can pass it along to either Roku or the makers of the app.

Since the month of October—this would anecdotally coincide with the rollout of Roku OS 9.4—the sports streaming app exhibits the following behaviour.

  1. Streaming live sports games is fine.
  2. Playback of sports games initially streamed yesterday is fine.
  3. Playback of sports games from the same day results in buffering every 2 minutes (anecdotally this number may be lower, but multiple users have indicated 2 minutes).
  4. The same same-day game can be played successfully in the browser, on an iOS app, or any other platform. But not Roku.
  5. Needless to say we've done the testing to rule out network connectivity. 

The makers of the sports streaming app swear Roku is at fault, and Roku customer service swears the makers of the sports streaming app are at fault. It has been really frustrating.

In the time of the situation, a lot of us have been stuck indoors and watching sports is a great way to pass the time. 

If there are any Roku developers who are sports fans out there, help us fellow sports fans out and let me know if anything stands out!

Thank you

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