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Optical audio output does not work

I have a TCL 55S401 Smart TV (which works great!). I recently purchased a Musou Analog to Digital Converter, as to get away from using the 3.5mm Headphone Output on the TV. I'm using an older Onkyo SV313PRO Receiver (which works great, too!). The Headphone Jack, via a 'Y' RCA cord works well enough, but I wanted to experiment with the aforementioned Converter. Unfortunately, I get nothing, not even an 'hiss'! The Optical cord has a Red Glow, but it doesn't seem to seat properly into the Musou Unit's Toslink Jack, nor the TCL's Toslink Jack. It just falls out with the slightest movement. I didn't pay much for the Converter, so it's not worth the effort to return it (via Amazon). So before I give it away, store it, or trash it, any suggestions......Thanks!

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Re: Optical audio output does not work

I have a Prozor Digital to Analog Audio Converter.

Did you change the TV sound settings to PCM Stereo? It needs to be done.

I don't think it will work from a headphone jack, I never tried that. If I remember correctly I had to attach the RCA cables from the Prozor Converter to the rear of my old Kenwood KR-7600...Tape out...I believe it was...and turn my old Receiver knob setting to "AUX."

Have you tried that?


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Re: Optical audio output does not work

Actually, I checked behind my old KR-7600 and the two RCA cables from the Digital to Analog Converter box connects to the AUX connection on the rear of my stereo receiver...and I have the knob on front of receiver also set on AUX. Optical cable connects to the TV. And you can plug the power cable into the wall but it stays on forever...if you connect the power cable to a USB port on the TV, it will turn on and off with the TV.

And if you set TV Audio to PCM [Stereo] you should hear the sound coming thru your stereo speakers if your receiver is turned on.

Sorry for another post, but memory failed me and I had to go view the rear of my KR-7600 to be sure. This should work for you. Optical cable to TV, RCA Cables to rear connection on your stereo receiver, and power to wall or USB port on TV.

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Re: Optical audio output does not work

Optical cables, when connected correctly, snap into place and will not fall out without a tug. It sounds like it wasn't aligned correctly when you inserted it. It only goes in one way, so rotate it until you feel it pop into place. Then push harder and it should lock in.

However, I just looked this converter up on Amazon, and I think I see the problem. This converter takes analog in and converts it to digital out. You want it to work the opposite way, and the information on Amazon specifically says it won't work that way. 


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