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Not getting Atmos in Roku 3920

I live in Mexico and I haven´t been able to get Dolby Atmos from my Roku Premiere+ 3920 device, even though many apps like Apple Tv+ have content with Atmos.

After getting the latest version, I can only see DTHD (Dolby True HD) as an option in the configuration menu....Does that include Atmos?

I hope somebody can help me!

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Re: Not getting Atmos in Roku 3920


To my sheer joy, Roku Premier Plus has started outputting Dolby Atmos for Apple TV + app, I've hooked Roku to Onkyo reciever with HDMI.

Netflix and Prime Video tis still NOT giving Dolby Atmos only 5.1.

So I beleive it got enabled via latest app update on Roku. I hope same happens with Netflix and Prime Video soon.


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