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No display on tv at all. Just purple fuzz.

I recently got a roku express and tried hooking it up to my tv. My tv is on the hdmi input, but I'm getting no display, just purple and black fuzz. This is strange because usually when I hook up the hdmi cord to my laptop, it displays it just fine. So I know it's not an issue with my tv. When I press various buttons on the roku remote, the fuzz changes slightly. I've tried everything, unplugging and replugging, changing to different inputs, etc. I even swapped out the included hdmi cord for my own hdmi cord, but no luck. Is there a chance that either my roku is faulty, or maybe just doesn't work with my tv? (Which is an unfortunately old 2004 Panasonic model TH-37PD25).

Answers would be appreciated 🙂

Level 7

Re: No display on tv at all. Just purple fuzz.

This is happening to me too. I can get past the wifi connection screen but once I reach the auto detect display prompt, nothing happens. I get the bouncing Roku letters and purple fuzz screen. Very frustrating

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