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Netflix continues playing all night.

Whenever I watch Netflix at night, I put a timer on my tv and my roku eventually stops playing as well. This stopped happening for some reason. Now my tv will turn off, but in the morning I’ll turn it on to see Netflix is still playing. One time I didn’t notice till the next night so it was 2 seasons into a show I just started. I already have my bandwidth saver ON so I don’t understand why it continues playing. This just started happening a week ago. How can I get it to go back to stopping after a certain amount of hours? 

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Re: Netflix continues playing all night.

You could always plug the Roku power into a timer so it is powered off after a certain time. Also, double-check that the bandwidth saver is still enabled.

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Re: Netflix continues playing all night.

Same here! I thought someone had been using my account...


When the TV is off, Netflix won't prompt with "are you still watching" and it plays forever. When the TV is on, I get the "are you still watching" and it pauses my stream.


I tried to report the issue to Netflix support and they told me I'm "using the app wrong" and also to call Roku lol... shameful.