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My 5.1 surround sound not fully working with new Roku TV

Hi guys,


Here is my situation. I just got a new Roku 55 inch 4k last week and everything was working fine before we got the new tv. This is my setup:


New Roku smart tv with 55 inch , Onkyo nr-717 5.1 energy speakers (5 speakers)

I have HDMI plugged into the ARC and optical cable (just installed) because the sound wasn't coming through the surround sound at all at first with HDMI only. I only heard sound through the tv

The front three speakers are working just fine, the back two have no sound at all. I logged into the receiver on-screen set up and ran a test and each speaker sounded off like they were fine. I have tested every mode I can think of, but still no sound on the 2 back speakers. HELP! Thanks in advance!

Level 7

Re: My 5.1 surround sound not fully working with new Roku TV

I have the same issue. Looking for an answer still. 

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