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Level 7

Intermittent no signal on Vizio 4k while using a roku stick +

I bought a brand new Vizio V- series 43” smart tv and the Chromecast was not any good so I was recommended to buy a Roku stick or other 3rd party streaming device (apple tv).


I have a Vizio sound bar in the 1st HDMI port and have tried the Roku stick in both the 2nd and 3rd HDMI but the issue remains. 

Whether in the menu or watching movies/tv shows the Roku stick will lose connection and my tv will say “No Signal” please check the HDMI port. 

2 seconds later, the movie continues and then it slowly gets worse and worse. 

Internet connection is about 17mbps. Not sure what to do. 

Resetting router doesn’t work.

Resetting Roku doesn’t work. 

Changing passwords doesn't work.


not sure what to do besides return it at this point, any suggestions?

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Re: Intermittent no signal on Vizio 4k while using a roku stick +

Is your Roku device powered by plugging it into a USB port on your television? The ports on many televisions only supply 0.5 amp, which is not enough to power a Roku reliably.

It is recommended that you power your Roku device via the power adapter that came with it, plugged into your house power. If you no longer have the USB power adapter that came with your device, you may have another one handy from another device that can be used -- just make sure the tiny print on it confirms it has a 5 volt dc output of at least 1 amp.

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Level 7

Re: Intermittent no signal on Vizio 4k while using a roku stick +

It is powered appropriately. I have it plugged into a wall outlet by itself and have tried multiple power strips as well. It is not a power supply issue. 

Thank you for trying!

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Level 8

Rokus *still* not fully compatible with Vizio D-Series TVs / loses HDMI signal every couple hours

It's been a few years and level one support would never pass me on to the next level, despite it being a well documented issue.

My Roku Ultra 4K and my Vizio D-Series (D43-F1) do not play nice together. Every couple of hours the HDMI signal is lost for a second or so, screen goes blank, sound is gone. When the screen comes back, I notice the time on the screen is about 58-62 minutes behind current time, then the clock corrects itself.

Level 1 support will of course blame the TV 100% of the time. Make sure you do factory resets on the TV. Factory reset on the Roku. Use different cables. Use a different HDMI port. Try different settings on the player's output, 2K instead of 4K, etc. Make sure firmware is up to date on both devices. Use a different cable. Use a different input. Your TV is defective. Did this sound repetitive?

Even on the Roku forums here there are comments about this never being a problem pre-Roku OS (version 8?) Sometimes when the firmware of the Roku is updated, the behavior of the issue is ever so slightly changes. The December update created a whole new problem. When this issue used to happen I used to hit the loop back a few seconds button so I don't lose what's going on on the TV program. Now if I do this, the player crashes hard, sometimes even requiring it be unplugged to be rebooted. So the best I can do is press pause, wait for the screen to come back , then unpause it and loop back.

This is just a bedroom TV so I wasn't looking for the best model, I don't need to spend the bucks on a high end Sony. The TVs built in chromecast doesn't do it, a connected blu-ray player doesn't do it.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Rokus *still* not fully compatible with Vizio D-Series TVs / loses HDMI signal every couple h...


Thanks for the post.

If you are in touch with our Support team, we would recommend continuing to work with them as they would best be able to assist you with your issue moving forward.

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
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