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So to close this out, I changed every piece of this puzzle.

Two different NEW HDMI cables, tried a streaming stick plus, got Roku replacement new Ultra...

Last thing was the Vizio TV, the hardest thing to swap out.  But, with another trip to Vizio support they were setting up a replacement for the TV.  Instead I just returned it Costco since they do not even question you.  They had one left.  I was about to give up since I didn't think that it could be the TV, but I finally decided jut to get that last one.

Plugged it all together at home an voila, worked like a charm.  You can have a bad TV connection with HDCP.  I even swapped out the last fancy purchased HDMI cable and went back to the old tried and true cable given to me by the cable company many years back.  Still worked great.

So guys, make sure you press your TV manufacturer for a replacement if you have this issue.  Seems silly that it could be this even after a factory reset of the TV.  The onboard HDMI hardware can be bad too.