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Help! Old Man and Old Wife Cannot Get Surround Sound

Hello all.  Our grand-daughter recently gave us a Roku as a gift.  I'm not sure what model it is, but it only has two connectors on the back...a power connector and an HDMI connector.

The Roku has been working fine since installation...until 4 days ago when we had a DirecTV issue and needed to disconnect all of the connections for our entire system: Denon AVR, New-ish Samsung 4K TV, Blu-Ray DVD, and the Roku.

The Roku would always stream Netflix and Amazon Video in surround sound.  All we needed to do was press the Home button on the Roku and watch and listen.

Since the system has been reassembled, the only audio we can get via Roku on Netflix and Amazon is through the television speaker.  No surround sound at all.

What could we have done wrong to cause the loss of automatic connection to surround sound?  What can we do to fix it?

Oh, and if you are wondering how old an "old wife" is, let me just say that she has lived in 9 different decades so far (as have I)...and we still want to hear surround sound!


Robert in Santa Rosa, CA


The Roku HDMI is connected to the television's HDMI labeled HDMI 1 (DVI).





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