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HDCP Error Resolution Not Working

About 6 months I ago encountered an HDCP Error on Roku Express for the first time after using Roku fine for quite a while. Did all the procedures as stated on screen and even purchased a new HDMI cable.  Finally got it to work.  Been fine for six months but today when I attempted to watch - anything - and I get another HDCP error.  In the last six months NOTHING changed. Same TV, same HDMI cable. This HDCP Error seems to be a totally random occurrence.  Went thru all the steps to remedy as stated on screen and documented in other posts on this board.  Twice.  Still get the error.  Frustrating. So looking for any other possible solutions (other than Amazon Fire stick!!).

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Re: HDCP Error Resolution Not Working


Roku software version 10.5 is currently rolling out.  It's possible this problem relates to that.

Roku menu path Settings > System > System update will show you your current Roku version and when it was installed.  If you have Roku 10.5, does the installation date coincide with the beginning of your problem? 

While you are there, do a Check now to install any updates waiting that might fix your problem.

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Re: HDCP Error Resolution Not Working

Like AngryHDR, I am also frustrated.  Tried all the suggested solutions.  Went out and bought a new ROKU and still having the same issue.  I've heard it may be a compatibility issue with my LG tv but the old ROKU worked fine for several years.  Very frustrating!!

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Re: HDCP Error Resolution Not Working

Similar issues with mine. We have purchased several Roku's over the years and haven't ever had a problem like this. The picture zooms in at random times and is stuck there until we restart the Roku. This is a frustrating problem that just recently started on two of our machines (separate Roku's and separate TV's).

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Re: HDCP Error Resolution Not Working

We have 2 roku's and I bought them for each of my three grandkids. I am  also having this issue. Started receiving this error several months ago and then I changed the display settings and it started working. Now it will not work at all. I have tried ALL the suggestions and nothing fixes it.

I am so tired and frustrated with it I am about to be done, with roku all together. Roku was a simple solution to accessing the shows we wanted to watch, but after spending several hours researching, unplugging and reconnecting and still not fixing the error.