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Disney Plus crashing and returning to home screen

Hi there,

I work in a 24/7 care facility and we have a Roku Express. We are running into issues with Disney+ where it will play for 2-3 minutes, then crash and return to the home screen. This is the only app we have issues with. The app is up-to-date and we cannot remove it and reinstall without cancelling and resubbing. The subscription is not under my name, so that isn't an option at this time.

Is this a known issue? Any recommendations on how to resolve it?

Thank you!

Level 20

Re: Disney+ crashing and returning to home screen

Here are the options:

1) Restart your Roku

2) Logout and back in to the app

3) App removal, restart, re-add

4) Factory reset

An app update might resolve the issue, but there is no schedule for those, and no guarantee of update resolution, so you need to follow the standard troubleshooting steps, as painful as they may be.

Otherwise, you can try changing the audio (change it to stereo out) or video 
(manually configure it for 720/1080p) settings and see if that addresses the crashing.

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Re: Disney+ crashing and returning to home screen

I have the same issue here. The disney app just crashes and will return to roku home screen. Tried to reboot, restal, but all didn't help. 


could some one take a look? Thanks!

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