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Dark MASK over legacy Sony DVD/VCR player

Hi ROKU TV Community Members! I love my 24" Roku TV and every feature works NEARLY flawlessly, I am glad to report. HOWEVER, my legacy A/V standard plugs/cable input creates a 50% transparent mask over the display when either the DVD or VCR signals are loaded/displayed. I must have some setting incorrectly enabled. This issue has been a problem before when using a mobile display/TV but a disabling setting eliminated the dark pall over the screen's display. The mask is either off centered or in the direct center of the display. Also, it covers about 75% of the screen display area. Lastly, the player/recorder is able to display/play optical disks, S-video connections, and transmit RF TV signals/channels. Any suggestions? Happy New Year 2021 to you all ;-))

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