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Can't Change Aspect Ratio on TV When Using Roku

I just bought a 50" UHD TV (ONN Brand). Using the television's menus I can change the aspect ratio for cable TV and for DVD's (DVD player & Roku player each connected separately to TV by HDMI). But this function becomes unavailable when watching with Roku. Can't figure out why this would be and I'm wondering if there is a Roku setting I can change to let me do this. I sometimes would rather use zoom to fill screen when watching widescreen video. My Roku is the Streaming Stick +.
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Re: Can't Change Aspect Ratio on TV When Using Roku

They didn't made the aspect ratio adjustable when using the Roku interface itself. Only for OTA and external connected devices. That is the same as when using an external Roku player, in that there's no aspect ratio adjustment from the player. 

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Re: Can't Change Aspect Ratio on TV When Using Roku

I also have Onn and Roku stick.  My pic was fine until my husband accidentally pressed buttons on the TV remote trying to figure out how to get to the DVD player.  Now, my Roku screen and all apps (Netflix, Hulu, etc) are zoomed.  Like the Original poster (OP), I found I could not use the TV remote only on Roku for aspect ratio, but could for everything else (TV, DVD).  How do I get it back?  I have tried changing the theme (many times based on other posters suggestions); reset the factory settings (having to re-key all user names and passwords); unplugged the DVD cable (which is the only cable he touched in his original process) and plugged back in.  We have gone through every button on all the remotes, and every menu on Roku.  I know that sometimes there are not obvious ways (shortcuts) to get to menus by pressing certain buttons a bunch of times, and wondered if he did something like that.  Any help is appreciated.  We spent too much money on these products for this.

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