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Brand New Roku Premiere Has to Have Video Reset Every Time We Start To Use It

We had a Roku Express in the living room that was acting up so I upgraded to a new Premiere. It's on a dedicated HDMI port, my PS4, PS3 and PC cables go through an HDMI switch on the other HDMI port.


Since installing the Premiere, I've found that every time I switch to that port to watch it, we get a lot of white screen static dots on the home page and it flashes white every few seconds during playback. The only way to get it to behave normally is to go into the display settings, change it from 1080p to 720p and then back again. After that it works fine until we shut off the TV or use one of the consoles and then go back to the Roku. It is not on auto-detect (it happened there too, and so deselecting that was the first thing I tried).

I have done a factory reset, but the problem persists. I have ordered and installed some high grade HDMI cables, but the problem persists. Is this a known issue that will be fixed in future updates because it's really annoying that I upgraded to a newer and better model and it's more of a hassle to use than the Express it replaced.

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