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All playback on 3600x broken with last update?

Roku 3600X Firmware 9.3.0-4138-24 

factory reset device multiple times

factory reset TV multiple times

Internet connection good average 30mbs connection test

Beginning a few weeks ago, no app will play for more than a few minutes. Tried youtube, netflix, prime, hbo etc.. all have same issue.

Channel loads, i select content to watch, content plays fine for 2-5 min then app appears to crash/close and roku returns to home screen. I can select the app again, resume watching, then it crashes again within 2-5 min

I believe this is the result of the last update.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thank you for your support

P.S. I also have a Roku 4210X-Roku2 Firmware 9.2.0-4804-04 that dos not have this problem.


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Re: All playback on 3600x broken with 9.3 update? - Resolved!

I solved my issue.

1. I found a website that showed how to access a hidden Roku menu (homex5, ffwd x3, rwd x2)

2. in that menu you can cycle the roku update servers. 

3. For some unknown reason my update server was set to "beta"

4. I changed my update server to "release"

5. on that same screen I selected "update software". 

6. The prior version 9.20 build 4804-24 was found and I was able to "update" to that version

7. All issues have been fixed!


hope this helps someone.


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Re: All playback on 3600x broken with 9.3 update? - NOT Resolved!

I'm seeing the exact same issue on my 3600X after the update to 9.3.0 build 4170-24.  On the previous 9.2.0 build, it would reset to the home screen after about 30min of streaming unless I took some direct action like pausing and restarting.  I had hoped that this new update would fix that behavior, but it has made it substantially worse.  The Roku Stick now resets to the home screen after only about 3min of streaming.  This is happening across all channels I have tried so far (Plex, Amazon, Roku Channel).

The trick about selecting the release update server will not work as the release server has been updated to push out the new 9.3.0 release.  As an experiment, I did a re-load of the new OS from the release server followed by a full factory reset.  It had no effect on the problem (although I wouldn't have considered it a viable solution for the general population).

This is a major step backwards Roku.  Please fix this ASAP

Re: All playback on 3600x broken with 9.3 update? - NOT Resolved!

My roku 3600x has this exact same issue.

Exits on every channel after about three to five minutes of playback. This started within the last few months.

There is one exception, Netflix still goes for however long I want. Every other channel is not working: Plex, hulu, Amazon prime, showtime, YouTube, you name it.

What gives? Where is roku support on this, when can we expect a fix?

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