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50-55" Roku smart tv blinking dim issue

I say 50-55 because I'm not sure. My Roku TV suddenly started blinking dim and and bright rapidly. It does it constantly. It does it when it's connected to anything and it does it at the main screen with nothing but power plugged in. The auto refreshing ah or dimming setting has never been on so it's not in the settings. I've tried unplugging power for a long time. Didn't work. I've tried doing a complete factory reset. Didn't work. I've done every update. Didn't work. I'm convinced it's a hardware issue. Any idea how to fix it or what parts need replacement? It's barely 2 years old and at this rate I'll never buy another TLC again 

Level 7

Re: 50-55" Roku smart tv blinking dim issue

I am having the same problem!!!!! No matter what I try it doesnt fix it. I know you posted this almost 2 months, any luck on getting it fixed?

Level 8

Re: 50-55" Roku smart tv blinking dim issue

Having same issue here. Really sucks.