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4k doesn’t look good on streaming stick +

4k content on the roku streaming stick + doesn’t look nearly as good as 4k content from the same apps on other other devices - like the apps on my Xbox one s and the ones built into my tv. 

the menu screens looks all fuzzy. When I scroll through the movies on Netflix (I pay for 4k), amazon prime, Disney +, none of them show the “4k” icon (that shows on those same apps on my other devices). It only shows the HDR icon. And when I play movies, it does show they are in 4k if I hit the info button on my tv but they don’t look like 4k. Those same movies look much better on those same apps played on my other devices. 

the roku shows that it’s detecting 4k and HDR, and I’ve tried auto detect + setting it to 4k 60hz manually but it didn’t make a difference.

Why does 4k content look so much worse on this device? Why aren’t the apps showing the 4k icon for 4k movies? I don’t know what else to try to get this roku stick working right.

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