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Level 7

new sony blue ray player does not show roku add

I bought a new sony blue ray player, says has internet, i connected, but only showing certain channels such as netflix, nothing at all about my Roku or hulu or how to add. great don't want to have to dissconnect everytime i want to switch from roku to a dvd. and only one port for the hdmi. I'm confused.

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Level 17

Re: new sony blue ray player does not show roku add

If you're out of HDMI ports you can add an HDMI switch or an Audio/Video Receiver (AVR) and get as many ports as you need.  Make sure you really only have one port though. On a lot of TVs you find some ports on the back for permanent connections, but also one or more on a side or front for shorter term connections.  (But you can use them permanently if you don't mind wires showing.)

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