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Will Roku Work For Me

I have Comcast xfinity TV Service using; one x1 HD box, 2 HD TV Boxes and 1 non-HD TV Adapter.

I have Comcast Internet WiFi Service.

I also have subscriptions to SXM, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Comcast Customer Service tells me I can replace the 2 HD TV Boxes and 1 non-HD TV Adapter with three Roku devices.  The 3 Roku devices can be used to stream my Comcast xfinity TV Service and do everything else that Roku can do.  Those 3 Comcast devices cost me $26.89+tax per month so am think about making the jump to Roku.

Does that make sense?

Which Roku device does the Roku Community recommend?  What is the one-time purchase cost of the Roku device?  What is the ongoing monthly cost of the Roku device?

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Re: Will Roku Work For Me

There is NO fee to use a Roku itself. Be VERY careful when creating your Roku account and linking your devices to it. Do everything through this exact link. Do NOT go through a search engine or even accept any "hint" from a browser's address bar/search bar.

Be aware that the Xfinity Strean TV software on Roku is still technically a Beta. Comcast may start charging for it some day. It is also single-tasking. You cannot view the guide while watching TV. The stream will stop. It's also a bit sluggish getting the guide data.

Any current Roku device will be fine.