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Level 7

Roku Premier refuses to activate

Shows as activated on my account but won’t do anything on screen. I receive error code 001. I’ve tried relocating the device and different TVs without any luck. Also, I’ve done multiple factory resets. What are my options? 

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Level 7

Error Message: Unable to Connect to Roku Service

I am not able to successfully complete the final stage of the installation process for the Roku Streaming Stick +.  I receive the email link and go through the steps to set up the device.  I am able to successful set up a Roku account and my account says it has linked the streaming stick.  However, the set-up process has not completed on my TV.  I am getting the following error message while I am completing the steps to set-up the Roku account on my computer:  "Unable to Connect to Roku Service"  Please try connecting again in a minute.  For more help, visit:  Error 001.  I am unable to complete the installation process due to this error message.

Can someone help me resolve this error message?  IMG_1333.JPG

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Roku Premier refuses to activate

@Fixitplease @ScottRK 

Thanks for the post.

For troubleshooting steps regarding that error code, visit our Support page here: What should I do if my Roku® device is unable to update software?

Keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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