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ROKU Ultra 2020 causes Verizon vms1100 box to turn back on after I shut it off

I just installed the newest ROKU Ultra 2020 sku #4800R. After I watch TV(avr+tv+vms1100) I shut all three things off when done. The TV and the AVR stay off. The VMS1100 cable box turns off, but then turns itself back ON. This did not happen with the same setup and using the ROKU Ultra 2019 that I had in the setup.

I am not using WIFI for anything. All items are hard wired to my router with CAT6A.

I can't figure out what is causing the cable box to turn itself back on after all 3 items have been successfully

turned off. Is the ROKU ultra 2020 sending out some type of a signal to the cable box to turn back on?

Your thoughts-