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TCL tv wont link to phone app

I have a TCL ROKU TV. 1.5 years old. TV is working great with one exception the Apple phone app. 90% of the time it will not link with the app. I can unplug the TV and then plug it back in and sometimes it works, for a little while. I do have 2 networks at my home one on 2.4ghz and one on 5ghz. the 5ghz is for the video only, nothing else is on that system except my cell phone. But even if I switch both to the 2.4ghz it does the same. The WIFI base is less than 10 feet from the TV. Deleting and reloading the app does not change anything. I only use this late at night or early in the morning when I am the only one awake in the house using bandwidth. No one else in the house uses the app even on the TV's in other rooms.

I want to use this mostly for listening through my phone instead of through the surround sound system.

If I wire the TV directly to the router will it help with anything?

Phone Iphone 7s


ISP is through WOW

Everything is on full time UPS back up power.

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