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Private listening stops when Roku app is minimized

My private listening feature on my Roku app (Android Pixel 7 phone) works great as long as I leave the app open. In the past I could start private listening and still browse other apps (text, email, etc) and private listening continued in the background, just like you'd expect music to (eg. Spotify).

But in the last month, I think since the last Roku app upgrade, I now have to keep the Roku app open, can't browse any other no longer continues in the background....even if I just minimize it. 



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Re: Private listening stops when Roku app is minimized


Maybe try clearing the cache and uninstalling the Roku mobile app from your phone.  Then Restart the phone and Reinstall the Roku mobile app.

I use the mobile app on an Android Moto Z with Android v7.1.1 and I am able to minimize (swipe close) the app and the private listening will continue. (both with wired and bluetooth headphones/earbuds).

There is a possibility there may be a bug in the app with either your particular phone or the Android version, though, so can't rule that out.

Normally, if I run into the intermittent issue with the mobile app, a clean install will remedy it. (I will usually clear all data and storage cache and do the phone restart before reinstalling).

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