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Reloading in the middle of an episode. Does anyone else have this problem? I have the RoKu 1

In the past few days, while watching a series, the RoKu reloads.  This happens throughout the episode.  Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem.

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Re: Reloading in the middle of an episode. Does anyone else have this problem? I have the RoKu 1

The Roku 1 model 2710 is 7 years old, and no longer supported by Roku. It won't run many of the latest channels. That more than likely is the cause of your channel reload. You didn't mention what channel(s) this is occurring with, such as Netflix or Prime Video. But honestly, it's likely your player is too old to run those channels anymore. The developers update their channels to use the power of the latest players, and they drop support for the older ones. Really not a lot can be done if that's the issue.

However, you can try the removal/reboot/reinstall channel process to see if that might clear up the issue. Highlight the channel, then press *. Select "Remove channel" and allow it to complete. Now, very important, you must restart the Roku. Either pull the power cord for 20 seconds or use the System Restart menu option. DO NOT do a system reset, or you erase everything on the Roku and you have to set it up as if it were a new device. After the reboot, you can add the channel back in and see if the problem has gone away.


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