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Help with Roku products that no longer receive software updates, are no longer supported for channel updates, etc.
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3000x Roku 2 HD

Wanting to add Britbox but am in an endless loop where it either does not recognize my password (which trust me is valid), or it says my ruko is not linked (I swear it was not that long ago I was a Netflix subscriber) or it says my PIN is not valid to subscribe to Britbox (PIN is correct) then the ruko web site is telling me I don't have a linked device and to please enter the Link code appearing on my TV (there is nothing appearing on my TV).  Wondering if my accent tube TV or very old Roku 3000 may just be too antiquated to support anything anymore. 

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: 3000x Roku 2 HD


Thanks for letting us know about the issue that you are experiencing with your Roku 2 HD (3000).

Please be aware that device is a much older device. However, we would be happy to see what we can do to help get you back up and running.

Please feel free to send me a PM with your Roku account email address and the serial number of your Roku device (printed on the side/back of the device) and I'll have our support team reach out directly to assist you further.


Danny R.
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Level 7

Roku 4210x not logging into acorn

I need some advice here. I have an Acorn TV subscription through xfinity.

i own 4 Roku 2s and 3s.

i can’t log into acorn TV with my xfinity credentials. Do I need acne wet one. If so, what model?

acorn won’t help, xfinity won’t help, Roku doesn’t even have email support.

what am I supposed to do?

please advise!

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