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Level 7

120hz tv

I have a 42inch tv that natively refreshes at 120hz.  Im using a HDMI 2.0 which supports 120hz, but all i get is still 60hz.  My tv is LG smart tv. 120hz, 1080 FHD.  

And the settings in the roku display only show 1.4, But 1.4 only can give me 60hz and 2.0 can give me 120hz

I would like to take advantage and see what 120hz would looks instead of 60.

Also I did contact LG and their suggesting that I try HDMI 2.0 which I'm using right now. Do I have to get another tv that can do UQHD?

Someone please help thanks 


Level 16

Re: 120hz tv

I don't think there is any service that offers anything in 120Hz. Other than a computer, I'm not sure what devices would support 120Hz, either. Outside of gaming, I'm not sure if 120Hz would do much.