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problem trying to submit channel

Hi all, I've been working on a new channel and I'm now ready to submit it for approval as a public channel.

I'm running into a snag on the Add a Public Channel Page ( ... ublic=True)

The error is on the Channel Name field:
"Roku requires that names for channels within the Channel Store are unique. The name you have selected for your channel is not available. Please select a different name."

I'm fairly certain that the name I'm using, "RockinShare" should be unique. We are a new startup and we own the domain and trademark for this. I've published a few private channels over the course of the last few months with RockinShare in the name.. but always something like "Rockin Alpha" etc.

Hopefully this is just a little database issue that can be fixed. I have deleted all my private channels if that helps.
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Level 10

Re: problem trying to submit channel


I see in our channels database that you successfully created a channel by this name on 11/18 (same day you posted this). Are you still having problems?

If so, please PM RokuPatrick, RokuJoel, or myself for assistance.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: problem trying to submit channel

FYI to anyone creating channels: Channel names must be unique, you cannot have a public channel and a private channel with exactly the same name. Roku Developer Support can resolve this situation for you by renaming the Private channel for you, as has been done in this case.

- Joel
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