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Roku Channel - Insufficient Storage (private channel)

I am unable to go to my private channel on my rRoku2 XS: #3100x Serial Code: 13a19a009289.
I am currently getting the error: Insufficient Storage – There is not enough storage to add lao test. Please remove one or more of your installed channels and try again.

I have tried with and without a Micro SD card. I do not have any channels installed. It also does not show on my Home Screen.

I currently have the following files:
I did not change any settings, as this was in: roku_sdk_v29\examples\source\simplevideoplayer. I just wanted to see if it will work, then I will make the appropriate changes.

1.) I have enabled developer mode in roku
2.) connect to it by ip and telnet into it using port 8080.
3.) I have also used the command genkey and save the serial code.
4.) I have installed the pkg file on Roku via IP, and then packed the file using the generated key from the telnet.
5.) We have downloaded the pkg from Roku, and then loaded the pkg file into the private channel.

Not sure what we are missing..

PS, we have tried adding another private channel, this worked without any issues. Smiley Sad
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Level 9

Re: Roku Channel - Insufficient Storage (private channel)

Sounds like your files aren't packaged correctly. The source folder should be in the root of the zip file, at the same level as the manifest.
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