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Revisiting audio stream metadata (shoutcast/icy)

It's been brought up, with a number of workarounds in the past, but I wanted to revisit the topic of live audio stream metadata. Note this is different than streaming a mp3 file and getting ID3 information (supported in SetTimedMetaDataForKeys).

Right now in order to find out what's "Now Playing" on an audio stream that is playing via roAudioPlayer we have the following horrible options:

1) Hope it supports Shoutcast v1 "7.html" csv file. Or
2) Hope it supports Shoutcast v2 "/statistics" endpoint.
3) Crazy other workarounds I've implemented involving connecting to the stream separately and parsing it.

Is there any chance we can get audio stream metadata into the Roku feature pipeline? Having a callback when an icy-metadata chunk comes through would be so fantastic.

For the specifics of this protocol here's a good writeup: ... tocol.html

For this issue being discussed previously see these threads:

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