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M-Go/AolNews show in ECP /query/apps, don't work [fw5.4]

Subject line is too short for complete description, here goes: two new channels started showing in fw5.4 (e.g. 5.4.2522 on #3500) in ECP channel list:
<app id="31012" version="1.4.5">Movies and TV Shows</app>
<app id="31863" version="1.0.23">Roku Home News</app>
But they can't be started necessarily - if the feature was chosen to be hidden (Settings / Home screen), then selecting them in remote app does nothing. It's a confusing user experience. Also they show in somewhat random place in the /query/apps list (could be on top or in the middle) - but not at all in main-screen "My Channels" and as such cannot be re-ordered. Probably did not mean to show those 2 channels in the list at all - IMHO only channels that can be started should be there.

Cosmetic issue but worth a look for the sake of UX consistency.
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Re: M-Go/AolNews show in ECP /query/apps, don't work [fw5.4]

While no response here, this issue seems to be addressed in "rOS" 5.5 by hiding the channel from /query/apps when it is removed from Home-screen.

This might have indirectly caused another issue though - for "Search on mobile" to not show in "Roku" app - see viewtopic.php?f=28&t=71944&p=449781#p449781

If my guess was right... can we please just do the right thing and include the firmware version as part of the UPnP device description (:8060/)?
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