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Level 8

Brightscript Debugger Wishlist

my wishlist in order of importance:

1. command line history - so we can hit the up arrow a few times and get back to something we typed a few minutes ago
2. ability to use arrow keys to edit a line instead of just delete key
3. integrated editor like vi so we can write and test short program segments
4. an echo option that echos each executing command line in sync with the executing program
5. a step command that actually works... for me step will frequently stick at a line and not go further, don't know why
6. there is a bug where certain print statements will cause the Roku to reboot - this bug exists in spite of arguments I've heard to the contrary
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Level 9

Re: Brightscript Debugger Wishlist

We share a similar wishlist Smiley Wink

Some wishes will be fulfilled by the end of the year...

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Level 7

Re: Brightscript Debugger Wishlist

You can always tell when something big is about to drop from Roku, because they let RokuKevin out from the dungeon he's forced to work in and he's allowed to post to the forums again. Smiley Wink

Eagerly awaiting 2.7 SDK, thanks for all the forum updates Kevin!
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Level 7

Re: Brightscript Debugger Wishlist

Ok. Along with command line history, just basic in-line editing (left arrow, right arrow, etc.) to edit.
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