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roku streaming player remote with mute button?

This Roku Streaming player's remote come with a mute button?  My dad watches commercials, or TV ads all the time, really bothers me.  I can't stand commercials,  Once, He was talking to me with commercials so loud, that I thought he said, "Bring in wood, and put it on the couch."  There was this one time, he told me to break the windows." "Flatten the tires on the Subrau.."   I wasn't able to understand what he was saying-  Because of the commercials...   I could have sworn he yelled at me from outside too.  He had the commercials on so loud..  I did manage to get, "BREAK THE TV...   BREAK THE TV!"   I was about to when my mom came in and turned the TV off....   That relieved me, now I can finally hear him, "HELP, HELP"...  So I finally went out there to help him....  This whole thing could have been settled with him muting the TV when he went outside.....  So, does this remote have a mute button???   And If I push Mute, will it also mute the headphones?

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Re: roku streaming player

Newer released models that have tv controls do now come with remote that has a mute key. And you can purchase remotes separately that have mute key as well. The remote model RC-AL7R has mute key, its sold separately, and it wiorks with either Roku streamers or Roku tv's. Model that accept wifi remotes. An older express model like 3700 wouldn't work with this model of remote. A 3900 or newer would. And yes it mutes the headphones. 

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