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Roku Ultra Remote causes Sharp RokuTV in another room to power on...

Quick Summary

Bedroom - TV and Roku Ultra (previously had a Roku 3 & did not have this issue).

Den - Sharp Roku TV

Challenge - whenever I launch a Channel on the Ultra (Pandora, Netflix, YouTubeTV), the Sharp Roku TV powers on.  The Sharp Roku TV doesn't launch a channel, or take any other action than turning on.

Since I have upgraded to the Ultra, I have noticed this occurs when using the Ultra's remote, or my Harmony Hub system.   The Sharp TV is even on a different subnet on my network, so I am not sure how/why this is happening.  The Sharp TV does not have line of sight to the bedroom, and the Sharp TV is only paired with the RF remote that it was shipped with.

Any ideas?  Rather frustrating that the Den TV turns on when I attempt to use the Roku Ultra in my bedroom....

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