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Replacement Remote for Streambar 4k : 2 Solutions

I recently wrote a post bemoaning the battery drain of my Roku Streambar remote. They didn't even last 24 hours. Here are 2 solutions which I have proved working for me.

1. Simplest and lowest cost.

Get a battery eliminator. This is a way of using dummy batteries to power the remote via a USB adaptor and you can't fit the back cover without cutting a hole in it. It is good in that you never have to replace batteries. Downside is that it is attached via USB lead/adaptor to the mains. This means you can't throw it around the room as it always needs to be plugged in. Make sure you get the 3v AAA version ( the ones with more dummy batteries will have the wrong voltage ) . This is the one I bought and it works.

2. More cost and more complicated but probably my preferred.

I bought this universal remote control.

This more or less works out the box bar a few buttons but firstly the Roku Device needs to accept control info from the TV. This needs.

1. Enable the ARC sound output control settings for your TV. On mine this meant setting output to HDMI-ARC and eArc to on.
2. CEC needs to be all switched on. You will probably found this on the HDMI port settings if your TV has them.

I had 2 frustrating issues with this.

1. The ROKU device only checks for HDMI-ARC capability on factory restart as far as I can tell. No idea why. This was a problem because of the next issue.
2. My ROKU Streambar said the TV passed all the resolution/FPS test but it said it did not have ARC enabled. Turns out that the HDMI lead, supplied with the TV, was the problem. I changed it for another lead and it accepted.

Between these two problems it took me a loooooong time to get everything up and running properly.

The Universal Remote does most stuff out the box once you tell it to be a ROKU remote but not volume and mute controls. As mine is a learning remote it was fairly straightforward to program my TV volume controls into it. Basically the TV sends the volume control info to the ROKU and shows on screen. 

This has remained stable so far, TV/ROKU energy saver/sleep mode seem to even work perfectly together.

Anyone hope this helps anyone with the same issues. Thanks to @Tivoburkee for setting me on the right path.

So now I can control everything I need to from my universal remote

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Re: Replacement Remote for Streambar 4k : 2 Solutions

I ended up ordering the One for All remote you listed and it’s absolutely perfect for my needs. It was super easy to set up and is working nicely. Thank you for doing the research. That’s the tedious part. It also has a nice feel in hand, which is a small bonus.

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Re: Replacement Remote for Streambar 4k : 2 Solutions

Glad you found the same thing. It does feel like a quality product.

Thought I would write it all up for all those other users with the same problem. 🙂

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Re: Replacement Remote for Streambar 4k : 2 Solutions



If you don't want to use the tv cec to control the Roku Soundbar volume, the OFA 7935 is learning remote, if you unplug the Streambar power cord, its wifi remote will switch to IR for Roku commands including the volume commands. Then you teach the 7935 remote the volume and mute, when you re-plug the power cord to the  Streambar its remote will return to wifi again. 

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Re: Replacement Remote for Streambar 4k : 2 Solutions

Thanks I might try that at some point in the future. For now I am letting sleeping dogs lie and watching a few films :-).

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