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Level 7

Roku Search Bug when selecting Amazon as the provider

Recently on the Roku Express amazon has a channel update. This update appears to be an issue with Amazon and the behavior is as follows. 

Select Search from Roku menu > search item > select amazon from the choice of provider > When redirected to amazon an option to purchase the selection appears and I am asked to purchase the item however If I previously purchased it does not recognize my account. When I exit and select amazon as a channel I am asked to re-register my device again. amazon.com/mytv

After re-registering and selecting amazon as a channel I have no issues. Only when using the roku search functionality does this issue happen.

The bug

When using Roku search it seems to allow me to purchase the selection by slecting buy now and putting in my 5 digit code seems my account data is somewhat still there however upon exit ( I choose not to buy ) then go back and view amazon as a channel all settings are gone and I must re-register the device. Either there is a cache issue on amazon side or the api call roku is using is incorrect. 




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