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Roku Recent Channels Change

Who's bright idea was it to change the 'Recent Channels' list to include channels that aren't LIVE? This list used to just include LIVE channels you had actually been watching. Now it seems to include channels that aren't live but are halted at where I last changed away from them.

Bonehead change here Roku.

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Re: Roku Recent Channels Change

I endorse this complaint! I just spent an hour trying to figure out where ROKU hid my "continue watching" row, which USED to be easily spotted near the top of "what to watch." As of today, I have to scroll and click multiple times to find it and it's now divided up by categories, making this formerly convenient feature a burden to try to use. I hate it.

Moreover you keep adding all this extra **bleep** to my home screen. Every time you do an update, you add extra clutter that I have to scroll through to get to the channels I put on there myself. I don't want this extra garbage. I just want to be able to easily go to the channels I use without a bunch of extra scrolling.

So nice job, Roku, making convenient features ridiculous to find and dumping spammy **bleep** in my path at every turn.

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Re: Roku Recent Channels Change

It really does suck. I can't even see what channel I am on! How can we undo this junk?

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