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Roku 4800: Multiple Hard Drives Not Recognized

I just picked up a Roku 4800 and I'm experiencing an odd issue. I connected my external hard drive enclosure (4 bay, 2 tb HDDs/ea) to the Roku via the usb port. However, when I use the Roku Media Player app, it only recognizes 1 of the 4 hard drives. It also seemingly picks a random 1 of the 4 hard drives each time the Roku boots up. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a way to allow it to recognize all four hard drives at one time? 

Frustratingly, I still have a Roku 4670 and it works great with the same 4 hard drive enclosure. It allows me to view all four hard drives and play any file without issue. I may have to get rid of the 4800 and go buy an old 4670. Is it possible there's another app that may work better for the 4800 in this scenario? 

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